Transmission electron microscope


Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) involves imaging an ultrathin sample (natural or "slice" obtained by ultramicrotomy) by means of a dilated electron beam that passes through the entire sample at the same time.


Instruments available:

Campus CS


  • Brand : JEOL
  • Model : JEM-2100
  • Type : Microscope électronique en Transmission
  • Electron source :  LaB6 filament
  • High voltage : 200kV
  • Pole piece : Cryo
  • Maximum resolution: image mode 0.14nm, point mode 0.27nm
  • Max magnification: x 1.000.000
  • 2 cameras (Gatan): SC200D, US4000
  • STEM detector (JEOL) : Bright field, Dark Field
  • EDX detector (Bruker) : XFlash 5030
  • EELS, EFTEM energy filter (Gatan): GIF Quantum
  • MDS "minimum dose system" (JEOL)
  • Anti-contamination system (ACD)
  • Motorised sample displacement with magnification control
  • Magnification: up to x 1000.000
  • Sample holders (JEOL): Standard, Beryllium (EDX), Quartet, Electron Tomography
  • Sample holders Cryo + temperature controller (Gatan)
  • Software: JEOL (TEM /STEM settings, STEM acquisition), Gatan DigitalMicrograph GMS 2 (TEM image acquisition, tomography, EELS, EFTEM...), Bruker Esprit 2 (EDX analysis)


  • TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) observations: Bright field, Dark Field
  • STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy) observations: Bright field, Dark Field, HAADF
  • Electron Tomography (Gatan software)
  • Cryo-observation
  • Chemical analysis: EDX / EELS

Location: Cité Scientifique - Building SN3 - Basement

Contact : Loïc Brunet |

Rate of use

  • 54€/hour " for internal academics " (supply of liquid nitrogen in addition)
  • 67€/hour "for external academics" (liquid nitrogen supply not included)
  • Sample preparation (on quotation)
  • Rates for all services for private companies (on request)