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The main mission of the engineer will be to ensure the operation of the photonic microscopy platform of the BICeL platform, on the Cité Scientifique Campus in Villeneuve d'Ascq, during the maternity leave of the engineer responsible for the platform.
The aim is to implement imaging services by photonic microscopy: preparation, observations and analyses.
The BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL) is one of the 8 platforms of the "Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie et Santé" Unit (UAR 2014 - US 41 - PLBS). BICeL is a shared service platform in cellular and tissue imaging, multi-site and multi-technology.
The person recruited will manage the support and training of users in the use of two ZEISS LSM confocal systems and a NIKON Ti2E inverted fluorescence microscope. She will have to respond to the multidisciplinary needs of users by taking charge of requests for observations in photonic microscopy, providing guidance and advice on the techniques to be used for fluorescence imaging, as well as in the choice of the most suitable optical system for the biological questions posed.

Main activities

- Support and train users (theory and practice) mainly on confocal laser scanning microscopes and video microscopes in relation to their biological questions,
- To advise users on the possibilities and limitations of the proposed techniques, on the interpretation and analysis of images,
- To optimise and adjust the experimental devices to guarantee a quality service: to ensure the maintenance of the systems, to carry out preliminary diagnoses in the case of malfunctions, to ensure the follow-up of repairs (communication with the after-sales service)

- Respect the quality procedures in force (renewal of the BICeL's "IBISA-ISO" certification underway),
- Ensuring compliance with and adaptation of the health and safety procedures in force (particularly in the context of the health crisis linked to COVID 19)
- To ensure the extraction of invoicing data from the activity and their transmission to the PLBS financial centre.

Secondary activities

- Participate in the general administration of the platform BICeL - Cellular and tissue imaging platform

Expected skills

- Strong theoretical and practical knowledge in light microscopy.
- Knowledge of cell biology and sample preparation for imaging is welcome.
- Good written and spoken English will be essential with some users of the platform and with some suppliers.
- Knowledge of health and safety regulations in the field.

Operational skills

- Autonomy on multidimensional photonic imaging tools: wide field time lapse microscopy, confocal (LSM-spinning disk).
- Conducting projects in photonic microscopy.
- Write reports on experiments and studies.
- Ensure the application of the principles and rules of hygiene and safety.


- Good interpersonal skills with strong pedagogical and communication skills to be exercised in the framework of a common service and in interaction with a large number of research teams.
- Ability to work in a team
- Motivation for the activity in a technical platform

Work context
The BioImaging Center Lille (BICeL) is a shared service platform in cellular and tissue imaging, multi-site and multi-technology. The BICeL is one of the 8 platforms of the Unité Mixte de Service " Plateformes Lilloises en Biologie et Santé " (UMS 2014 - US 41 - PLBS). The BICeL is intended to support the research activity of public and private laboratories.

Desired areas of training and experience
Desired diploma: 5 years of higher education, master's degree or engineering school.
The service missions offered by the department require complete mastery of all the equipment and technologies available on the platform.

Special conditions of employment

Working in the dark, handling laser sources: training and personal protective equipment required.

Job type referens 3 : C2B44-Instrument operation engineer or A2A42-Biological experimentation and operation engineer
Contract duration in weeks: 44
Working hours: 100%.
Starting date: As soon as possible
For any information regarding the position, please contact sophie.salome-desnoulezibl.cnrsfr

Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivation to

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